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A network that offers meaningful and impactful coordinated care.
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What we provide

Our network of service providers offers meaningful and impactful coordinated care. The 360 Collaborative Network helps families access services that support their economic mobility and overall well-being.

Together, we meaningfully address the Social Determinants of Health with:

  • Access to Unite Us’ shared technology platform allows for closed loop service connections for clinical and social care needs
  • Shared care coordination creates shared accountability for community member well-being across organizations
  • Committed network partners that break down community silos and promotes inclusion for access to critical services while maintaining privacy and security
  • Dedicated Coordination Center resources to provide direct referral management and network monitoring

Current Network:

  • 200+ Providers
  • 600+ programs
  • 21 major service types

Network Service Offerings


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Substance Use

Mental Health

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Partner Benefits

The 360 Collaborative Network uses the Unite Us Platform for holistic, coordinated care to enable secure, closed loop referrals on a shared technology platform to demonstrate value and improve outcomes over time:

Closed-Loop Referrals

Enable your team to easily refer and connect clients to the local servicesin the community. The platform connects you to a network of accountable clinical and social care providers to address your clients’ unmet needs.Real-time referral and case updates are automatically tracked, and duplicative intake questions between community partners are reduced. Network partners can confirm the outcome of their clients’ referrals served outside their organization without additional phone calls, even for sensitive and highly regulated services.

Trusted and Up-to-Date Network Partners

Each partner who participates in the 360 Collaborative Network is vetted and assessed for suit ability prior to on-boarding with our network. Partners are continually assessed for service quality,dedication to serving vulnerable populations, and accessibility to services as part of the evaluation of network health. Our team works hand-in-hand with our partners to uphold network care standards and ensure the responsiveness, reach and quality of service provision network-wide.

Measurable Outcomes

Data are major barriers to sustainability and innovation, particularly in the delivery of social care,which is a major driver of an individuals health and well-being. Track the outcomes of all referrals and services delivered for your clients to ensure their needs are met. This eliminates paper tracking and streamlines care coordination that is currently being managed by phone, fax or email. Additionally, measure your impact for funding opportunities and as team motivation to see the breadth and depth of the care they are providing to their clients.

Network partners receive access to the Unite Us platform and all partner benefits free of charge.

Our Background


  • Expanded Coordination Center resources to enhance capacity and responsiveness to referrals and support comprehensive network monitoring
  • FLPPS System Transformation and Community Investment program funds continued development and management of the network
  • Collaboration with Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS) State Opioid Response (SOR) Regional Network to enhance access and engagement in substance use treatment


  • Catholic Family Center and Catholic Charities Community Services merge to become the new Catholic Charities Family and Community Services
  • Mother Cabrini Health Foundation grant renewed, including implementation of a Clinical Care Coordination pilot in Monroe County
  • Alignment with FLPPS’ Reducing Health Disparities through Community Navigation Support grant to build on community navigation programs serving vulnerable populations in both rural and urban contexts
  • Continued expansion of network partners with an emphasis on engaging rural clinical and Community Based Organizations (CBOs)


  • ESL Foundation funding awarded for Care Coordination
  • Invited to apply for 2022 Mother Cabrini Health Foundation funds
  • Continued expansion of network partners and programs, including the development of Communities of Care in Chemung, Steuben, and Livingston counties to coordinate care within targeted geographies


  • Major expansion launches to incorporate 12 counties in Finger Lakes region
  • FLPPS partners to support 12-county expansion
  • Partnership with TogetherNow facilitates crises response in Monroe County


  • 360 Collaborative Network expands with the merger of the NYServes network


  • Catholic Family Center’s Bridges to Success, an adult mentoring program endorsed by the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative (RMAPI), joins the pilot network
  • Catholic Family Center combines resources with Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Rochester to enable pilot network to expand
  • 360 Collaborative Network officially launches and expands with the addition of Behavior Health Care Collaborative agencies


  • The Asset Partnership led by Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Rochester, identifies Unite Us as the enabling technology
  • ESL Foundation funds a two-year pilot

Our Members Include





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